What is Counter Strike Global Offensive?

What is counter strike global offensive?

What is Counter Strike Global Offensive?

What is counter strike global offensive? If you don’t know about it, don’t worry we are here to tell you. Counter-Strike Global Offensive popularly known as CSGO was launched on 21 August 2012. It is a competitive first-person shooting game. CSGO till now is the latest release of the counter strike series after Counter-Strike Source. 

The game has an average of 11 million players in a month and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the stats are increasing day by day. You can play this game on Windows, OS, Playstation, and Xbox 360. Almost everyone prefers to play this game on their desktop computers. There are hardly a few people who play this game on any other platform or setup.

This game is totally free to play on steam. The free-to-play version of the game comes with non-prime status. If you want to purchase csgo prime accounts then you can purchase it from the Steam store or you can buy it from our site i.e getacsgosmurf. We sell csgo prime accounts at a cheap price rate than the steam market.

How does Counter Strike Global Offensive work?

The game sets two groups of five parts in opposition to one another, with each group finishing certain goals to win. One group plays the side of the Terrorists (Ts), while the other group is the Counter-Terrorists (CTs). There are a few game modes accessible, yet top-tier esports matches are constantly played in five-on-five Competitive mode (5on5).

In this mode, the assaulting Ts should plant and explode a bomb in a particular area – site A or B – or take out each of the five of the CTs to win a round. The CTs should defuse the bomb when it is planted, or take out each of the five of the Ts to win the round. Each match involves 30 rounds altogether, with adjusts enduring a limit of one minute and 55 seconds. The group to first win 16 rounds wins the game.

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If the match is tied then the match goes to overtime. Where each team is given 3 rounds each and the 1st person to win 4 rounds wins it. If the match is tied again in Overtime then overtime continues. The Overtime will not be over until and unless a team wins 4 rounds. The feature of overtime is not available in normal matchmaking. It is available only in Faceit and ESEA matches. These are third-party software/ apps which provide better features than normal counter strike global offensive matchmaking.  

What are the biggest Counter Strike Global Offensive events?

  1. BLAST Premier
  2. IEM Katowice ($ 1,000,000)
  3. ESL Pro League ($750,000)
  4. ESL One: Cologne
  5. CS:GO, Major Championship Fall
  6. IEM Masters  ($ 1,000,000)
  7. DreamHack Masters
  8. PGL Major Stockholm

These are some of the major tournaments which happen during a year. Each tournament has a prize pool of more than $ 1,000,000. The prize pool varies and it is not constant.

Where can I buy CSGO Accounts?

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After reading this blog we hope you might be cleared with the question, what is counter strike global offensive?

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