Valorant’s New Agent: KAY/O

Valorant's New Agent: KAY/O

KAY/O is an all-in-one battle machine: radiants are destroyed. His capacity to impair opposing capacities diminishes the ability of his opponents to battle and to lift him and his friends.


His face is a screen that changes images according to what happens. As he speaks, a peak meter lights up. The torso, arms, and head are made from metal. His legs seem like a metal and leather combination. His physical parts, such as his forearms, his chest center, and his legs, are evident with power and vigor.

KAY/O was all utilized by the judge, Bucky, Odin, and Vandal.


GET AN FRAGMENT-READY EXPLOSIVE. ALL FIRE THROW It sticks to the ground and explodes multiple times, delivering almost fatal damage to the center each time (The closer to the center, the higher the damage).

Team an explosive piece. Some fire I’m going to chuck. The part sticks to the floor and explodes multiple times, delivering almost fatal damage to the center, each time.



Fit a grenade flash. ALWAYS to cast. After a brief fuse, the flash grenade bursts, blinding anybody. When you click a flashbang, you have to cook just for one second, and not the flash that cooks in 1.6 seconds, if you click on the left. This flashbang is just like CSGO’s flashbang.

A basic KAY/O skill is FLASH/drive.

The time to start depends on the primary or alternating fire used by the player. The first fire leads it to explosion after 1.6 seconds, whereas the second fire causes it to explosive after 1 second.



A blade removal EQUIP. ALWAYS to cast. The blade stays on the first surface of the explosion, coils up, and removes everyone.

Signature Capacity for Cay/O is ZERO/point.

ZERO/point launches a surface sticking suppression blade, suppressing anybody within a span of 8 seconds after a brief period of delay. Enemies deprived of their powers cannot utilize or activate.

Before its suppressive pulse emits, the blade may be destroyed.



INSTANTLY overloaded with polarising radiant energy, which enables KAY/O to emit huge bursts of energy. Enemies struck by these pulses are for a brief time subdued. KAY/O acquires fighting stim when overwhelmed. If KAY/O is murdered while overloading, it gets down into a disintegrated condition, enabling teammates to stabilize their core and resurrect it.

NULL/cmd is an Ultimate Ability for KAY/O.

When activated, KAY/O is overloaded to use Combat Voice to emit a pulse every 3 seconds, which removes opponents for 4 seconds.

When NULL/cmd kills KAY/O, instead, he falls in a destabilized condition with a countdown of 850 hp and a 15-2 countdown. KAY/O can see what happens in front of him while the audio countdown is low, even when his minimum is blocked. Allies can steady the countdown in his core and rekindle him after a few seconds. Based on the HP % that remained when it was relieved, KAY/O recovers up to 100 hp. Instead of KAY/O, if the countdown is complete.

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