Valorant Weapon Rifles Explained in Detail

Valorant Weapon Rifles

You will learn about Valorant Weapon Rifles Explained in Detail in this article.

To accommodate certain playstyles or metas, agents have a variety of weapons, most of which are rifles. There are two types of weaponry: sidearms and primary weapons. Handguns for close-quarters combat are classified as sidearms. SMGs and shotguns are utilized for close-quarters combat, sniper rifles are used for long-range combat, while rifles and machine guns are utilized for both close and long-range combat.

During the pre-round process, Agents can purchase weapons with their credits. By default, each Agent is equipped with a Knife and the Classic sidearm. Agents will keep the weapons they buy until they die in each round. Weapons may also be picked up off the ground from both friendly and opposing players and will follow the player into the following round.

The Valorant Weapons have 7 Categories in them. The Categories are mentioned below:

  • SideArms
  • Smgs
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Machine Guns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Melee

Let’s talk about these Category Valorant Weapon Rifles in detail.

Let’s talk about the 1st Valorant Weapon Rifle


The Bulldog is a fully automatic weapon that is the most affordable of the game’s three fully automatic firearms. It has a magazine that can store 24 rounds. It features a strong firing rate and a three-round burst alternate fire. Two taps on the head and five taps on the body or legs. The Bulldog, like other rifles, has ADS.

The Bulldog is unique in that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other fully automatic rifles, costing only 2100 dollars. If your team is short on cash, this makes it a good force purchase during eco rounds. However, it is far more expensive than SMGs.

It also possesses a three-round burst, which, unlike other rifles, may be useful in close quarters. At medium to long ranges, though, the spread widens dramatically, so you should be cautious.

valorant bulldog

Let’s talk about the 2nd Valorant Weapon Rifle


In comparison to other rifles, the Guardian is a semi-automatic rifle with a reasonable price of $2,400. The Guardian is distinct in that it is the only semiautomatic rifle with a 1.5x zoom and the maximum damage per round of any gun. It’s also the weapon with the smallest first-shot spread in the game.

Despite being semi-automatic, the Guardian can fire at a rate of 5.25 rounds per second. The Guardian excels in one area: bullet damage per bullet. At any range, it’s a 4 to the legs, 3 to the body, and 1 to the head.

The Firearm excels on the defensive side since its high damage per bullet and 1.5x zoom make it a hazardous rifle to approach, especially considering it’s a guaranteed one tap to the head.

valorant guardian

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Let’s talk about the 3rd Valorant Weapon Rifle


At 2,900 Credits, the Phantom is a fully automatic weapon. It has a lower damage per bullet than the Vandal, but it compensates with above-average accuracy, a low spread, a rapid rate of fire, and a Silencer.

The Phantom is armed with a high firing rate and a silencer, making it ideal for ambushing, as a single shot to the head results in instant death at close ranges. It’s a 6 tap to the legs, 5 taps to the body, and 2 taps to the head at greater ranges.

Due to its higher price tag than SMGs or other rifles, the Phantom is commonly featured in gun rounds. The ADS is ideal for securing sights and reducing recoil and spread, making it a very accurate fully automatic rifle.

valorant phantom

Let’s talk about the 4th Valorant Weapon Rifle


At 2,900 Credits, the Vandal is a fully automatic weapon. It’s the Phantom’s polar opposite, with a high DPS at any range. Its capacity to kill opponents with a single headshot at all ranges makes it very deadly. ADS may be used to lessen spread at the expense of firing velocity, just like other rifles.

The fully automatic Vandal trades spread and recoil in exchange for a linear damage range; regardless of distance, it will always kill in five bullets to the legs, four to the body, and one to the skull.

The Vandal is usually seen in gun rounds due to its high price (rounds where both teams have money). The Vandal’s ADS may be utilized to hold down a site by lowering the weapon’s recoil and spread, and it may be paired with the Vandal’s strong ranged damage.

Valorant Vandal


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