Valorant Weapon Pistol Explained in Detail.

Valorant Weapon Pistol

In this blog, you will get to know about Valorant Weapon Pistol Explained in Detail.

The Valorant Weapons have 7 Categories in them. The Categories are mentioned below:

  1. SideArms
  2. Smgs
  3. Rifles
  4. Shotguns
  5. Machine Guns
  6. Sniper Rifles
  7. Melee

Let’s talk about these Category Valorant Weapon Pistols in detail.


This is a free-to-play pistol. You can have your hands on this weapon at each round in the game. If you sell this weapon and again buy it you won’t lose your money. It is a default weapon that you get at the start of the match in any game mode.

The Damage of this pistol is moderate as compared to other pistols. It is not very low and not too high, this is a very balanced pistol. The headshot damage of this weapon is 78. When you hit the opponent on his body you will deal damage of 26. You will hit 22 damage when you shoot your enemy on his legs.

The main character which makes it unique is that you can right-click fire with this weapon. This will allow the gun to fire 3 bullets at a time. This mode is also called the burst-fire mode. This is very powerful when you are fighting with your opponent in close range. Players that use the Classic must employ the alternative fire with caution, as it consumes more ammo than the weapon’s primary fire.

Now let’s talk about the second Valorant Weapon Pistol


Shorty is basically a shotgun but a lower version of a shotgun. It is a very cheap weapon with just 200 credit points. This is a very overpowered weapon for this price range. You will have a great advantage if you are holding an angle with this pistol.

The disadvantage of this weapon is that if the opponents are rushing towards a particular bomb site then you will have only 2 bullets to defend. If you are on an eco round then this is the best weapon to catch the lurking player. Get this gun and sit at an off-angle. You will definitely get a kill and if that enemy is having a good rifle. You will get a free upgrade.

The damage dealt with this weapon is quite high. When you are in a close range the damage dealt on the head is 24, the body damage is 12 and when you hit your opponent on his leg he will be tagged with 10 damage. The damage we have mentioned might sound very low because it is of only 1 bullet. But while firing a bullet from the shorty it releases 6-7 bullets so you can multiply that and see how much effective it is.

shorty valorant

Let’s talk about the third Valorant Weapon Pistol

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This pistol is basically a rifle but with low bullets in a magazine. The fire rate for this weapon is 10 rounds/ sec. This is a fully automatic pistol with 13 bullets in a magazine. This pistol has a good advantage in pistol rounds.

The main benefit of this pistol is that if your opponents are rushing towards a certain bomb site. Then you can hold your fire and then kill multiple opponents. You can master the recoil for this pistol and then pop off the head of your opponents.

The damage dealt with this pistol on the head is 78. You will give 26 damage when you hit the target on his body. A total of 22 damage will be given to your opponent when you hit him on his legs.

Frenzy valorant

Let’s talk about the fourth Valorant Weapon Pistol


The Ghost is a semi-automatic sidearm handgun. It causes a lot of damage when struck, and it normally takes two bullets to the head and five to six bullets to the body to kill it. The Ghost comes with a silencer, which helps to improve overall accuracy while also reducing noise when fire, making it a stealth weapon.

The Ghost serves as a solid backup weapon. You can rely on the pistol in most scenarios because of its above-average accuracy, high damage, and general consistency. This is a very powerful weapon when it comes to rifle rounds too. You can 2 tap headshot the opponent even if he has full armor he will die.

The damage dealt with this weapon on the head is 105. The body damage done with this weapon is low which is 30. The leg damage done with this weapon is 25. This damage is done if your opponent is within a 30m radius away from you.

ghost valorant

Let’s talk about the fifth Valorant Weapon Pistol


The Sheriff, at 800 Credits, is the most costly sidearm in the game. It’s a semi-automatic revolver with a six-round magazine and a lot of damage.

Due to its low cost and great damage output, which rivals that of most rifles, the sidearm is ideal for the economy and pistol rounds. To kill a person, it usually takes four bullets to the legs, three to the body, and one to the head.

The Sheriff’s biggest shortcoming is its slow withdrawal time and high recoil. It has the highest recoil of any handgun and takes a long time to recover after firing.

sheriff valorant


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