Valorant Replication Mode

valorant replication mode

Valorant Replication Mode is a game mode where all the players in the team have the same agent. When you queue for a match in this mode you will get a random map. While the agent selection is going on, you can select an agent of your choice. After voting for your agent you will have to wait for your other teammates to select an agent. Once everyone has voted for their agent then a roulette runs and it selects a random agent.

The Agent selecting process here is very random and cannot be predicted. You can vote for any agent which you have unlocked. The agents which are still locked in your list, are the agents who cannot be voted. This is very fun to play mode as every player has the same ability and same money when the round starts.

Valorant Replication Mode Fully Explained

This model consists of a total of 9 rounds. 4 rounds to be played as Attackers and 4 rounds to be played as Defender. The first to reach 5 wins the game. At the start of the match, you need to vote for your agent which you want to play. After that, a random selection of one agent will be done by the system. Every player will have the same agent which has been selected by the system.

At the start of each round, you will be provided with enough money to buy weapons. The first round is the pistol round you can buy any pistol you want to use. With light armour, you can buy pistols up to Ghost. Without light armour, you can buy pistols up to Sheriff. Each round you will have all your abilities unlocked except your ultimate.

The second round is the half buy round. Here you can buy your smg guns like spectre with light armour. You can also buy a bulldog without light armour. The weapons choice is limited and you can buy any weapon of your choice. In this round too you have all your abilities except your ultimate, until and unless you kill everyone and build your ultimate.

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The third round is a rifle round. In this round, you can buy rifles like phantom and vandal with full armour. If you don’t want to buy rifles and want to play with smg you can do so. Just buy spectre and run and gun your opponents. 

The final round is the operator round also known as the Awp round. In this round, you have enough money to buy an AWP with full armour because the funds which are provided to you are 6000. Till this round, almost every player has its ultimate ready. You must use your ultimate as it will be your last round. After switching sides, your ultimate points will be reset and you need to farm them again. 

There is no point in doing eco in this mode. As every round, you will be provided with enough money to buy guns. You will have fun while playing this mode as you don’t have to waste your money on buying abilities. 

Valorant Replication Mode XP

In this mode, you will get the same XP as you get in an unrated game. The per-round XP gained in this mode will be 100 XP. If you win a round then you get an additional XP of 200 per round.

Here are Some Images of Valorant Replication Mode

replication mode

Note: The Valorant Replication Mode is available till May 25, 2021. After that, a new game mode will be introduced to the game. 


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