The Korean Duelist Agent Jett Explained in Detail

Duelist Agent Jett Explained in Detail

As the Duelist Agent Jett that I am, I will help you a lot so just read this blog and know the secret of Duelists Valorant  Agents that you must know so you can also be the best.

Not a lot of people know about Duelist valorant agents and I’ll help you no matter what happens after reading this blog. If you are a duelist or not I will try my best to help you in any kind of way.

Here is the list of Valorant Duelist Agent Jett:


Valorant Duelist Agent Jett is the smallest of the valorant agents, with a pale complexion and short hair. She has white hair that she wears in a back bun. Her bangs are rather long and are securely secured. Her eyes are blue, and she appears to be wearing eyeliner. Her clothing is all different hues and tints of blue, even her darkest items.

valorant jett


Jett’s Drift is a Mobility ability that she may utilize anytime she finds herself in a scenario where she is about to tumble to the earth. When she activates the ability, her fall speed is reduced and she is able to glide instead. Jett may use this to fall for long distances while avoiding fall damage. While utilizing Drift, Jett can still utilize her weapons and other skills.


Cloudburst is a Vision Blocker ability that Duelist Agent Jett uses immediately after activating it. Jett may control the projectile’s movement by moving her crosshair. The projectile expands to produce smoke when it collides with a surface or after a set length of time in the air. Within the smoke, vision is obstructed. When it dies, the smoke dissipates quickly.


Jett has the Mobility ability Updraft, which he may utilize immediately. Jett will launch herself skyward once activated. This dash’s direction is vertical, however, it may be changed by entering movement commands before or after using Updraft. Jett can land safely after using Updraft even if she does not moderate her descent with Drift since the dash height does not exceed the distance necessary for a player to incur fall damage (so long as her landing location is not at a lower elevation compared to her starting location).


Jett has the Mobility ability Tailwind, which she may activate immediately. Jett will dash a predetermined distance in the direction she is traveling when activated. Jett will rush ahead if she is standing motionless. While Jett is in the air, Tailwind can be employed.


Duelist Agent Jett has the Empowerment ability Blade Storm, which she may activate immediately. She coils up and equips herself with throwing knives upon activation. Jett may utilize other abilities and weapons without deactivating Blade Storm, and she can re-equip the knives.

There are two shooting modes in Blade Storm: single and burst. Single Fire throws knives one by one with no damage falloff and always has 100 percent accuracy, even while Jett is running or in the air. Burst Fire throws all of Blade Storm’s remaining blades, although it is imprecise, does less damage to the head at close ranges, and has damage falloff.

If Jett kills an adversary with Blade Storm, the ability’s ammo will be fully recharged.

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