No More Bots in CSGO

No more bots in csgo

In this blog we will talk about bots in csgo.

Bots in csgo competitive games are no more. Previously, when a teammate disconnected, left (or was kicked), they were replaced with a bot of limited ability and selective hearing. You’d usually tell them to HOLD THIS POSITION at the start of the round and to hope they’d do as they were told instead of rushing off. If the bot did as he was told and hadn’t died once, one of the 4 remaining players died they could take control of the bot. Essentially an extra life for whoever dies first. Or who is quickest to realize there’s a bot still alive.

But no more bots in csgo! When you’re down to just 4 players, you are down to just 4 players, putting that team at a significant disadvantage for the rest of the game. This here is a 300 IQ move by Valve. We as the players have brought this upon ourselves and if you don’t like it, you can cry harder, get a good trust factor, and source 2, scrub. Actually, I’m not sure why Valve did this. It was mentioned recently that vac net and overwatch were being experimented on.

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I wonder if they uncovered some massive underground ring of players who exploited bots to rank up somehow. Even if that was the case, I would have imagined there would have been a better way of remedying the situation than to strip the ENTIRE MULTIPLAYER GAME of bots in csgo.

Even in normal games, bots could be exploited. You could intentionally kick the “worst” player on the team and then let the best player on the team rush in aggressively and then die and, then take over the bot. Effectively getting 2 best players for the price of one. But this was sort of offset by all those times bots would just rush in and die.

And how often he’d waste all of his money on a shotgun, or machine gun. How often the real player would die early from reckless behavior, wasting his first life. So my best guess would be that they removed bots to kicking players unless they are, literally, worse than nothing. I’ve seen some people saying that this will make the games less toxic, but I’ve seen plenty of toxic behavior before a player is kicked.

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