Maps in Valorant (Part 1)

maps in valorant

In this blog, we will talk about Maps in Valorant.

Valorant is an fps game that is now being played professionally across the world. This game was launched on 2nd June 2020. This game has made many csgo players shift to valorant. The average player playing this game was more than a million. Because this game was launched during the global pandemic of coronavirus. In this blog, we will talk about the 5 maps in valorant. To buy valorant accounts make sure you visit getacsgosmurf.


Maps in Valorant:


Bind is a very balanced map for both the Defenders as well as the Attacker. This map consists of two unique ways to rotate between the sites and those are the teleporters. The first teleporter is placed at the mid area that connects to the B site. The other teleporter is located at the B long side which takes you outside of A bathroom.

Both attackers and defenders have an equal advantage and easy access to the bombsites. There are a few choke points in the maps like the middle area and the B house and when the spike is planted it is very difficult for the defenders to retake the sites.

Here are some spots you can hold while playing on the Defenders side:

A Tower (Heaven)

This is a very strong spot to hold the site. If you have an operator, you have a massive advantage as you can see the middle area and the baths (shower). It is difficult for the attacker to kill you as it is a very long-range fight.

A site (Tripe boxes)

This is also a very good spot. If your teammate is playing Heaven, you can tell him to hold the middle while covering baths for him. This will be a good setup for your Ahold. In case your heaven player is smoked then you can hold the site and hide belong the triple box and get an easy kill

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This is the only map in Valorant that has 3 bomb sites to plant the spike. Where site B is placed exactly in the middle of the map and the other two sites are placed in the corner. The main sensitive point on this map is the B site. Where attackers can go in any direction A or B.

This is more like an attacker’s side map because if the attackers decide to rush to a particular site like A or C. Then it is hard for the defenders to defend that particular site. Defenders have to select very good agents to defend this map. 

Here are some tips for the Defenders to defend this map.

This map has 3 sites to play on. You can have your 1 player holding B site, 2 players holding A site and 1 guy in the garage, and the last guy on your C site. If they decide to rush C, you B player can quickly rotate to C and your garage guy can watch them crossing from the garage.

The best players to play the A site are Killjoy and Cypher. These players have such good abilities that you can use them to block the entry points. Cypher can use his traps at the entry point and plant his tripwires at A long and A short respectively. He can also set up his camera at a hidden place and trace enemies.

When using killjoy you can set up all the Nanoswarm grenades at the entry points and place his sentry at the site boxes. He can also plant his alarm bot at the default position where the spike is planted often. In case you have your ultimate ready you can place the lockdown.


Split is a map with two bomb sites and multiple paths. The paths are two on the site and one in the middle. This map’s main turning point is the middle area. If the attackers decide to take mid-first at the start of the game. They will have a huge advantage because they can go to either bomb site. 

The defenders also have a huge advantage because if they take mid-control then the only access point to the site will be the main entrance. If you have Sage on your team then you can use her to wall the mid area. So the attackers won’t have chances to go mid and you will have the control.

Here are few spots that Defenders can defend on the map

A heaven 

This is the best spot to defend A site. From here you can see everyone who comes to the site. You have a cross for the site. If you spot anyone then you can immediately call for backup

B Tower

This is the best place on the entire map according to me. You can watch mid as well as watch B site from here. You will have an elevated angle towards the side and a little elevated angle for mid.

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