Maps in Valorant (Part 2)

maps in valorant

We’ll talk about Maps in Valorant in this blog.

Valorant is a first-person shooter game that is now played professionally all over the world. This game was released on June 2nd, 2020. Many csgo players have switched to valorant because of this game. The total number of players in this game was over a million. Since the game was released after the global coronavirus pandemic. The 5 maps in valorant will be discussed in this blog. Visit to buy valorant accounts.


This is a very new map that was recently introduced to the game. This map gives a beach vibe to the players. The theme of the map is the sea and the beach. The idea behind this map comes from the southern part of the Bermuda triangle. According to us, this is a very huge map till now. No map other than this is this big. The map consists of lots of elevated spots. 

Breeze is much more cheerful and expansive than the previous map, Icebox, which had gloomy visuals. For the first two weeks after the game’s release, brave players will be able to queue exclusively for the new patch.

The breeze would also be unavailable for two weeks in daily unrated queues. As a result, the Breeze Queue is the only place to play breeze at this period. This map won’t be a part of any competitive matchmaking till now. But you can play this map in unrated mode.


This is one of the very simple maps in Valorant. This is the only map in Valorant that has automated doors. Both these doors are situated at the A site and B site respectively. These doors are placed at a very proper location to cut off the rotations. Both these doors can block the players coming from mid to the sites. This is a balanced map.

Here are some spots you can hold while playing on the Defenders side:

A Heaven(Rafters):

This is a very powerful position for the defenders. From here he can directly see the players coming from the front and middle area. If he sees that the attackers are attacking A then he can immediately call for backup.

A Doors:

If you want to play in this position then I suggest you use a shotgun. This is a very powerful position to hold with a shotgun because you will have only close-range fights with the attackers once you close the mid doors. You can also set up a crossfire with your teammate by telling him to play in the opposite corner.

Mid Cubby:

This is a very overpowered position for a Defender to hold. You can peek middle from there and see whether the Attackers are going B or Mid. From here you can also see A Site and support your A player. 

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This is a very unique map with two bomb sites. This is the only map that has zip lines on it. The zip lines are present on A and B sites. Icebox is a large, open map with several long-distance battles for both defenders and attackers. Furthermore, significant height variations around the map benefit individual agents that can avoid them. (For example, Jett, Omen, and Raze)


Icebox’s spike planting areas:

Icebox is the first map in the Valorant series to feature multi-leveled Spike planting zones.

The way the sites are played by the defender side, especially after plants, would change dramatically as a result of this new design. Since you will plant in an elevated position above most on-ground barriers, the attackers can have a clear view of the Spike at all times.

Here are some spots you can hold while playing on the Defenders side:


B tube / Kitchen:

You can play with the sage character and block the entrance of the area. You need to place the wall inside the tube. The attackers can’t push through this and they need to break this wall. From there you can also hold the B area.


A site:

You can stay on the site or play from the heaven area. You can also play inside the box or in the A cubby. There are many options available. You can also set up a crossfire over here. You can also watch mid from this site.

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