How Operation Broken Fang Saved CSGO…

operation broken fang saved csgo

Over the last couple of years, counter-strike has always had its own culture but not a cringe-inducing existential pain like other games. What makes counter-strike special beyond the gameplay is that it’s the community who is running things. Valve is just along for the ride and to make millions and millions of dollars look no further than the official retakes game mode in Operation Broken Fang. 


Retake mode

Retakes is a community-made mod. This will practice counter-strike players against other players in an environment that is closer to actual gameplay than deathmatch. If you’ve never played retakes it’s a great way to practice basically the bomb spawns planted and the cts have to do a retake and defuse the bomb over iterations. By the community we’ve come up with the best way to practice counter-strike, valve has taken that idea and added it officially into the game in the operation broken fang. You can do map picks in the game like face it.

They’ve also added their own twist to it with player loadout cards. I think this is a really great idea every round you get to choose what your loadout is. If you get an MVP the previous round you’ll get access to a better card. 

In traditional retakes in order to balance the game and allow players to get practice in from both sides. If a player gets a kill as the ct and the cts win they’ll switch to the t side. It’s expected that the game will naturally be defender-sided in valve’s official retakes no team switching occurs spawn points aren’t optimized to mimic real gameplay and the servers are 64-tick.

The same problem exists in valve’s gun game and the arms race. It’s great that they copied a popular community game mode in the operation broken fang update. I like the exclusive maps that were made just for the game modes but their implementation has some flaws.

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Operation Broken Fang Premier mode

The new competitive game modes like Broken fang premier mode which was a fantastic idea. With broken fang premier game modes you get access to a new way to chat wheel feature, map picks, chat wheel keys, chat wheel, agents weapon collections, weekly missions, map picks and bans, picks and bans prior, new agents, and track your stats.

It’s fantastic I love how they set this up premiere matchmaking is something I’ve been suggesting for a long time. A premium competitive game mode with a map veto system it feels like counter-strike is experimenting with this new game mode for a possible replacement to traditional competitive listen.

One thing I don’t like about premiere mode is the new scoreboard. They’ve hidden deaths on the second page and rank players based on total damage. How strange I do think that ranking based on damage makes sense but using ADR instead of total damage is a much better way to present the information. 

Ping Commands:

The ping system to competitive in operation broken fang is that you can set up completely custom ping commands in the options menu and bind that to whatever you want. You can simply bind the player to underscore ping to a key. For the traditional ping system, it truly feels like csgo has benefited greatly from having competition calls. It’s a major part of the game. The ping system looks to be very useful for players who can’t or won’t use a microphone.


You can buy an operation pass from the community market or in-game. Don’t miss out on the operation broken fang because for the operation pass holders you will get an operation coin, weekly missions, and new agents. All this will be included in the broken fang pass. The operation broken fang will provide operation coin will be displayed on your profile and that is not tradable. With the broken fang update valve corporation has made few clarity improvements and Visual improvements for resolution users.

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