How Operation Broken Fang Saved CSGO…

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How Operation Broken Fang Saved CSGO

Over the last couple of years, counter-strike has always had its own culture but not a cringe-inducing existential pain like other games. what makes counter-strike special beyond the gameplay is that it’s the community who is running things valve is just along for the ride and to make millions and millions of dollars look no further than the official retakes game mode.


Retake mode

retakes is a community-made mod the practice counter-strike against other players in an environment that is closer to actual gameplay than deathmatch if you’ve never played retakes it’s a great way to practice basically the bomb spawns planted and the cts have to do a retake and defuse the bomb over iterations and experimentation by the community we’ve come up with the best way to practice counter-strike valve has taken that idea and added it officially into the game they’ve also added their own twist to it with player loadout cards which i think is a really great idea every round you get to choose what your loadout is if you get an mvp the previous round you’ll get access to a better card what valve gets wrong here is deviating too far from the retake formula in traditional retakes in order to balance the game and allow players to get practice in from both sides if a player gets a kill as the ct and the cts win they’ll switch to the t side it’s expected that the game will naturally be defender-sided in valve’s official retakes no team switching occurs spawn points aren’t optimized to mimic real gameplay and the servers are 64-tick the same problem exists in valve’s gun game clone arms race it’s great that they copied a popular community game mode i like the exclusive maps that were made just for the game mode but their implementation has some flaws, flaws that could be easily fixed by just conforming more to what the community has figured out through decades of natural selection.

Premier mode

the new competitive game mode premiere mode which was a fantastic idea with premiere mode you get access to a new way to track your stats it’s fantastic I love how they set this up premiere matchmaking is something I’ve been suggesting for a long time a premium competitive game mode with a map veto system it feels like counter-strike is experimenting with this new game mode for a possible replacement to traditional competitive listen. One thing I don’t like about premiere mode is the new scoreboard they’ve hidden deaths on the second page and rank players based on total damage how strange I do think that ranking based on damage makes sense but using ADR instead of total damage is a much better way to present the information it is time counter-strike we’re treated as an e-sport you don’t have to baby the players think about baseball every kid who’s into baseball understands what a batting average is in a mode called premiere mode that you have to click a big button that says competitive to get into you hide deaths to make the player feel better and attempt to baby the player by presenting total damage instead of ADR.

New maps

There are three new official maps for skirmish mode which is the unranked matchmaking ancient which should be named de Aztec 2, engage which I can’t say without doing my captain Picard impression, and apollo I have words about the new maps I’d like to go in more depth maybe I will in a future video for now quick synopsis ancient is well made the visuals don’t get in the way of the gameplay there’s nothing wrong with it at all but it also isn’t particularly special or interesting engage is interesting and special and it looks fantastic but there are major problems with the layout there are too many entrances for the teas and a site is just a mess with the upper area after plant there would be pretty much impossible for the cts apollo is a hostage map there’s also new official wingman maps which were picked from the wingman mapping competition. there’s also a new snowy danger zone map frostbite 

Ping Commands:

The ping system to competitive you can set up completely custom ping commands in the options menu and bind that to whatever you want or you can simply bind the player to underscore ping to a key for the traditional ping system it truly feels like counter strike has benefited greatly from having competition calls and counter strike are done verbally it’s a major part of the game the ping system looks to be very useful for players who can’t or won’t use a microphone for whatever reason they have this increases the accessibility of the game for people who may have physical disabilities or mental health issues. 


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