How can I buy a cs go account?

The answer is quite simple. You have to decide which cs go account you want whether a Prime, Non Prime or High tier account. Add that particular cs go account into the cart. View your cart and before proceeding if you have a coupon code for additional discounts then apply that code and click on ‘proceed to checkout’. Choose your convenient paying option and the csgo account is all yours.

What details do i receive with my cs go accounts? 

We at getacsgosmurf provide you with the following details : 

  1. Steam name
  2. Steam password
  3. E-mail id
  4. E-mail password 

The above mentioned details are very necessary for a steam account to be logged in. You can change your steam password and e-mail’s password after receiving your csgo smurf account details from us. Make sure you do not share your passwords with anyone. 

Why can’t i add friends on steam?

In order to add your friends on steam you need to add a minimum of 5 dollars in your steam wallet. After adding funds to your wallet you can add your friends on steam and can also access the steam market. If you can’t add friends don’t worry your account is safe it’s just the steam rules which are stopping you from playing cs go with your friends.

How does the Overwatch work?

Overwatch is a feature in csgo which allows you to investigate a case. This feature can be unlocked after completing 150 wins in your csgo competitive mode. Your rank must be between Gold Nova 1 to Global Elite to be an investigator. In your csgo main menu, a new “+” button will appear which indicates that you have a case pending. An overwatch case consists of roughly 8 rounds or about 10 minutes. At the end of every case you will get a submit box where you can submit whether the player was cheating or not. By doing this you will get some XP bonus.

How does “looking to play” in csgo work?

Looking to play is a feature in csgo which is added by the valve co-operation. It helps you find teammates all around the world who are looking to play for a competitive, wingman or danger zone game. When the feature is turned on you can see the other player’s rank and whether he is prime enabled or not. You don’t have to play solo everytime, you can invite some random players and play with them.

What happens if I don’t upgrade my csgo account to prime?

If you don’t upgrade your csgo account, you will miss the opportunity to get Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases. You cannot experience csgo prime matchmaking. You can still play all the game modes which are enabled in prime account.