Different Types Of CSGO Peeks

csgo peeks

In this blog, we are going to talk about different types of csgo peeks. You might have played csgo for a long time, but did you know that there are different types of peeking included in the game. For the newer players, we get that csgo can be a pretty difficult game to get into so we wanted to share some of the tips that helped us climb the ranked ladder. As we were just starting out things off. Today we’re going to talk about peeking.

Peeking is a huge part of csgo but also, unfortunately, one of the most difficult to master there are three basic types of Peaks you should be going for which are wide peek, a jiggle peek and a shoulder peek these different types of Peaks all serve a different purpose in different situations. 

  • Wide csgo peek 

This is the type of peek where you really swing around an angle and move pretty far away from cover. It’s mostly used for when you’re ready to take a fight and try to spray down an enemy. But works especially well against awper or anyone holding the angle up close. The reason this is so useful is that most people watching an angle like that will keep their crosshair close to the angle to try and catch anyone.

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  • Jiggle csgo peek

 Using our next peek the jiggle csgo peek. Jiggle peeking is a fun cake with a fun name this is where you will be constantly hitting your strafe keys to quickly get vision around an angle while not exposing yourself to much to enemy fire. You just want to barely be able to see around the angle on a jiggle peek. You won’t think just because you’re exposing only a little of yourself that you’re safe. 

  • Shoulder csgo peek

Shoulder peeking is our last type of peek and this is normally reserved for when you’re trying to bait out someone to take a shot at you. Shoulder peeking is exactly how it sounds you peek around a corner but you don’t actually get a vision of the area you’re peeking. Instead you’re just letting your shoulder be visible for a split second to try and get people to react by shooting it. This will not only give away their position but hopefully give you an idea of how many enemies you might be looking at.

So we talked about how to peek an angle. But what about trying to hold them holding an angle can be accomplished in many different ways. If you want to be sneaky and try to get the drop on someone you could hold an angle. Like catwalk on A side cache where you’re on the other side of the angle and holding a very shallow angle.

Holding an angle like this tends to be what the csgo community calls a one-and-done. Meaning that you will probably get one kill than die because of how exposed you are. Once the enemies know where you are a more traditional way to hold an angle brings us right back to cache.

These were the three types of csgo peeks.

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