CSGO Vs Valorant

csgo vs valorant

Valorant was launched on 2 June 2020. While the game was in the beta version it had almost 3 million players around the month in just 2 months. The game has been the top hits of all time. The game is launched and developed by Riot games. Riot games were started in 2006 and since then they have published many games. Some of them were League of Legends (LOL), Team Fight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Valorant has been recently launched and has a very huge community of gamers. The game is free to play. As the game was released due to the global pandemic of covid 19, it became popular very easily. You can also Buy Valorant Smurf Accounts with high ranks and save your time & money.

CSGO is also known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive was launched on 12 August 2012. It is an fps shooter game. Counter strike expanded its community by launching this game. This was the first counter-strike game that introduced a ranking system into the game. The previous Counter strike version didn’t have a ranking system. CSGO recently had a rough figure of 6 million active players. By knowing how old the game is still, the game has not lost its community or players.

Recoil patterns

For people who know counter-strike really well or people who are completely new to the genre and want to learn a little bit about the movement and shooting mechanics of valorant there’s a lot that’s the same in these games. Shift walks, control crouches, and left-click shoots in both games shots are hitscan. This means there’s no bullet travel time and there’s no bullet drop. Crosshair is always in the center of your screen but there are three different types of inaccuracy that determine how far off from the center of your screen the shot actually goes. They are spread which is the natural inaccuracy of each weapon you can’t control or predict this one it’s just random and yeah the first shot is not gonna be perfectly accurate.

Movement and accuracy the more you move the less accurate your shots are and recoil which is where your screen pops up after you shoot. All three are in both games and all three are calculated the same way as far as I can tell with some slight differences in counter-strike recoil is a set pattern every time each weapon is going to behave the same way every time you fire it. So you get what’s called a recoil pattern in valorant. Recoil has some randomness to it so you’re going to get a different recoil pattern every time you fire it starts off fairly consistent but once the recoil pattern reaches its max elevation it starts to sway side to side randomly vertical recoil is consistent but horizontal recoil is random. You can’t predict it, here’s how you can predict it when you shoot your screen pops up over time. Your screen will decay back to its starting position this is called recoil recovery. 

Game Agents

CSGO does not have agents, they have characters with different skins and each character can purchase sets of utility and guns. While every valorant agent cannot buy utilities. They have specific characters who can only smoke or use flashes or Molotov. Someone basically has to pick a support agent to complete the team. There are some agents who do the role of entry fragging and there are two healer agents in the game as well. The only disadvantage with this is if your support agent dies then you cannot use utilities like smoke a particular angle or flash at an entry point. If your support agent disconnects then too you will face a lot of problems while playing the match.

There is one more problem, if you are solo queuing and your teammates don’t pick up a support agent, then you will have a tough time winning the match. Whereas in CSGO every character can buy a set of utilities. If any player disconnects then too the rest of the teammates won’t face the lack of utility as they can buy for themselves. They will definitely face a lack of utility as their one player has disconnected, but it is not as bad as valorant. If your teammate has a smoke grenade on him and if he dies to someone then that particular smoke grenade will be dropped on the ground. The advantage is that anyone can pick this set of utilities and use it. 

These are the two main differences that I think both games have. 

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