CSGO Trusted Mode

csgo trusted mode

In this blog, you will get to know about csgo trusted mode. The csgo trusted mode came with the new update in csgo. You will get to know about everything about it from our blog.

What is csgo trusted mode?

The simple answer to this question is Valve is tired of dealing with cheaters in-game as the cheaters have top-notch cheats and they bypass the VAC. But CSGO had a new update on 8th July 2020 which introduced us to a new “trusted mode” update. The role of this was to block any third-party files which are running while playing CS: GO. By default, this feature is on.

What will happen when to my OBS when I launch my game in Untrusted mode?

You can run your OBS very smoothly in this mode and get access to third-party files and software. But you cannot play on VAC secure servers and your Trust Factor will be affected as you will be queued with low Trust Factor players.

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Can I use Video recording software like OBS?

When you launch your game in trusted mode, your OBS or any other video recording software won’t work properly as trusted mode denies access to any third-party files. If you want to disable Trusted Mode and want to run your CSGO in Normal Mode just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Right Click on your CS GO. Go to properties

csgo launch options

Step 2: In the general tab, click on “set launch options”

                (A new window will pop up)

set launch options

Step 3: Enter the following command inside it “-untrusted”. Don’t forget to mention the hyphen before writing untrusted.


You might have left with a question that where can I find a green Trust Factor account?

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