Prime status upgrade helps you with better matchmaking. Players with Prime Status are matched with other Prime Status players and are eligible to receive Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases. A player can get his Prime status by completing his Private Rank (PR) with level 21. After reaching 21 PR level your Prime Status will be automatically unlocked. You can also buy your Prime status without completing PR level 21 from the steam store but in the Steam market, the price is high so that brings you to getacsgosmurf. After buying a prime account you will be queued up with other prime enabled players. Prime matchmaking has a significantly low amount of hackers. We provide csgo prime accounts at a cheaper rate than the steam market. If you don’t want to play with hackers then you must buy csgo prime account.

How do I know whether I have csgo prime accounts? 

Prime status is enabled when you purchase a prime status upgrade or complete the private rank to level twenty one (PR21). When you start your cs go you are on your main screen. Click on the play button then you will see official matchmaking. To the right, you will see your Prime status. If you have a csgo prime accounts then the color will be green and it will show prime enabled. If you don’t have a csgo prime account then the prime status will be yellow and it will be displayed as prime disabled.

When you search csgo in the steam market you will see that it is free to play the game. When you try to buy csgo prime status upgrade it will show you two options : 

  • Purchase for myself. 
  • Purchase as a gift.

 If you can’t purchase the game for yourself means you already have csgo prime accounts and if it is the opposite then you don’t have a csgo non prime account.


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