CSGO Operation Broken Fang

csgo operation broken fang

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Last CSGO Operation for 2020

CSGO releases operations since the start of 2013. These operations can be purchased and in return, you will get an operation coin. These are collectible coins and will be displayed on your profile just like the service medals and other coins. You can upgrade these coins by doing the operation’s missions. The coin will turn bronze first after completing a specific amount of mission, then it will turn silver, and then finally gold. If you get all 100 stars then your coin will turn to diamond. 


Now in the latest update of CSGO, they released a new operation called the CSGO Operation Broken Fang.


CSGO Operation Broken Fang

I cannot believe this after so much silence and a few spoilers about the operation and some fake news going around in the community. we finally got something by the end of the year and it is not a small update it’s in fact a totally new operation for the year 2020.

For anyone new to cs go an operation is the biggest update you can get for the game and in order to experience it to the fullest, you need to buy an operation pass the operation pass is currently at 12.75 euros but it will differ from region to region As in different location the steam wallet currency is different. You can also trade it or sell it to someone else if you decide not to activate it for yourself. The biggest reason why you’re paying this amount is for the stars and coins that you can get.


Premiere mode 

In this update of csgo you can experience a new 5v5 matchmaking called the premiere mode. It allows you to track your stats about the game. It gives you detailed information about how you are playing, your most played maps. The teammates with whom you have played the most and also the positions on the map you have played the most.

You have the privilege to ban some maps and after that, you can pick a map. The map with the maximum votes will be played. The opposite team will choose on which side they want to play first. This kind of matchmaking was experienced in some CSGO major tournaments like Faceit, ESL, and many more. But, from now matchmaking players can play like this too. This feature is only available to the players who have the operation coin or pass.

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We got missions again and new types of rewards similar to the previous operation shattered web new agents a new case along with some new collections and of course stickers and graffitis. The most valuable and expensive gun right now is the AWP Fade , M4A1s Printstream, AK47 X-ray. Also, M4A4 cybersecurity looks cool. We also put new gloves into the game. The new agents look very cool.

They are biohass specialists and the gem has specialist features. Dragomir and street soldier.  Now over to the next grade we got blueberries buckshot, getaway sally, john van Helen cask, little keeve, and sergeant Bobson. Now over to the next grade we got the first lieutenant Farlow, number k who is obviously the coolest agent of this operation. Resin the red shirt yes he’s got his own gloves now.

Safe cracker waltzmann and two times McCoy over to the final and highest grade we got commander may dead cold Jameson, sir bloody Daryl royale, sir bloody loudmouth Daryl, Miami Daryl, silent Daryl and skull head Daryl that was the entire agent’s collection.

The operation stars

Let’s start with the stars that I talked about before they are connected to the missions of the operation each week new missions will be available to everyone. If you complete them you will earn stars. For this operation, you have 16 weeks of missions which will give you a total of hundred stars. With the stars that you earn you will able to claim some rewards from the reward tab.

You can see all the new agents that you can claim along with skins and other cosmetics. The agents start from the bottom tier and then they move up to the top tier. You can also buy stars. If you want to speed things up but in order to get new operation coins, you will need to earn the stars by completing the missions. Your coin will upgrade after earning 33 Stars from missions to silver 66 to gold or a hundred stars to diamond.


CSGO Operation Broken Fang Accounts

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Here was everything you need to know about CSGO Operation Broken Fang.

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