CSGO Official Retake Servers

csgo official retake servers

In this blog you will get full information about CSGO Official Retake Servers

As we all know csgo has a huge community and has a player base from all around the world. According to the live stats, there are more than 1 million players playing CSGO. Famous sportspersons from different expertise fields also enjoy playing csgo like Neymar Jr. a famous football player.


Previously, retake servers were only available as a part of the community servers. But now in the latest update of csgo which was 2.2 GB, they introduced Valve’s official retake server to the game. The server is of 64 tick and all active duty maps are being played on the retake server.


The Retake mode is a casual mode that is just made to do warmups and have fun. It is actually a War game mode in CSGO. The active-duty maps such as Mirage, Train, Nuke, Inferno, Overpass, Vertigo, and Dust 2 are played on the server.

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Now some simple faq questions are answered below:

How can I play on the CSGO Official Retake Servers?

  1. Launch CSGO
  2. Click on the Play button, then select official matchmaking.
  3. You will see a “Retake” menu on the right side of Danger Zone.
  4. As it is the last option given on the menu, you will easily find it.

How many players can play on a server?

A minimum of 1 player and a maximum of 7 players can play on one CSGO Official Retake Servers. The distribution of the team is as follows. There are 3 Terrorists and 4 Counter-Terrorist (CT). If a player left the game or hasn’t connected then to replace him a bot is sent into the respective team. The bot is auto kicked when a new player joins the game.


The different type of weapon choice made available for both the teams are:


On Pistol rounds:

  • Usp / Glock Respectively
  • five-seven/cz75
  • Deagle
  • P250


On buy rounds you get:



  1. Ak47+nade/flash/molotov/smoke
  2. SG553 + nade/flash/molotov/smoke
  3. Awp +smoke/nade
  4. M4a4/M4a1-s + required utilities
  5. Galil + nade combos



  1. M4a4/M4a1s + nade/smoke/flash + kit
  2. Clarion + nade/smoke/flash
  3. AUG + nade/smoke/flash + kit
  4. Awp + smoke/flash + kit
  5. Ak47+nade/flash/molotov/smoke.


You can also select the enemy loadout which means you can select T-sided weapons like Ak47 while playing on the CT side and vice versa. The rounds start with Eco rounds, then force buy rounds, and finally the full buy rounds.


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