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Counter Strike Global Offensive is a game that can be played perfectly on the default settings. But you can customize your CSGO with a variety of launch options. Launch options are the commands which you can use to run your game smoothly. The main benefit of using a set of launch options is that you need to only set them once and then they will always be applied to your game moving forward.


How can I set my CSGO Launch Options?


  1. Go to your Steam Library
  2. Right-click on your Counter strike Global Offensive
  3. Go to properties, a new pop up window will appear
  4. In the “general” menu, you will see a set launch options (click on that and a new window will appear.csgo launch options
  5. In this window, you will put your set launch options.


List of Best Csgo launch options 2020 :


There is a very long list of potential customization options and this blog is designed to help you out with what these are, which ones are the best for you, and how to use them.


Here are the csgo launch options you need 


  • -console: If you are now familiar with console commands, I will help you with this. The console is a window where you can type your commands and execute your autoexec files. By setting this command in your set launch options the console box will pop up when you start your game. This command is not that useful as csgo provides with an in-game toggle console key where you can open and close the console.


  • -novid: This command will surely help you a bit. When you launch the game you will not see the csgo intro. This will help you to start the game quickly as most of us are already bored with the intro.


  • -tickrate 128: tickrate is the rate of your server. Valve provides us with 64 tick servers whereas Faceit and ESEA provide us 128 tickrate servers. If you want to practice your smokes or line up your pop flashes you always hop into an offline server. Most people play on 128 tick servers so you just type “-tickrate 128” in your launch options and you will get your 128 tickrate offline servers every time.


  • -high: This command is really helpful for low-end pc users to improve their fps in-game. If you notice some fps change then you can keep this command else you can remove this command. This command sets the priority of the game to high.


  • -fullscreen
    If you want to launch your game in full-screen mode then you can use this command. The alternate of this command is -full.


  • -windowed: No one likes to play their game in a windowed mode. But you want to use can use this command in your csgo launch option. In addition to that, you need to add two more launch options those are -w and -h.


  • -w (the width you want): You can set the width of your csgo screen using this command.


  • -h (the height you want): You can set the height of your csgo screen using this command.

                Eg : -w 800 -h 600

  • -nojoy: no one likes to play counter strike with their joystick and it would be really hard while playing with it. You can set this as a launch option to prevent the usage of the joystick.

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