CSGO Ancient Map: New Map Pool For Active Duty

CSGO Ancient Map was introduced to the game when Operation Broken Fang was released. The map made its first presence in the game on 3rd December 2020. On this day a very big update came to the game. It was more than 1.5GB. There were numerous missions for this map. The map was made available to play in matchmaking for everyone. And along with that, a New veto system was introduced to the game called premier mode. The map was also made available to be played in casual mode. 


CSGO Ancient Map

Valve has finally decided to change the Map pool for Active Duty. The last changes to the map pool were made almost 2 years ago. Finally, we have something new to the game. This map has a lot of potentials to grow in the future. We can now see how csgo top-tier teams have an approach to this map.


There are n numbers of tricks and tips for this map and we will talk about them. The map consists of lots of choke points at the middle and A connector areas. The Ts have a disadvantage on this map as per my view. But let’s see how the professional counter-strike players play this map.


The main news here is that they have removed De_Train from the map pool and added ancient. According to my, they should have replaced dust2 or mirage. These two maps have been played since the source and older versions of counter strike.

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Following are the areas on CSGO Ancient Map that you can hold as CT:


A – Elbow:

There are multiple angles that you can hold on this site. You can play from the elbow and watch the crossing of players from A main. You can also hold the Tomb and A short area from this angle. If you smoke off the Tomb area, you can solely concentrate on the A-main area as it is the only way for the T’s to come. You can easily fall back from that position and wait for teammates to retake the site.


A – Tomb 

This is a very powerful position for CTs, if you have access to this area of the map then you can control the A site. From here, you can hear the footsteps of the player running in A main or the choke point at Mid. You can also fight middle from there as well as support your A teammates. You can quickly rotate between bombsites from this position. You can also use this position for eco rounds while carrying a Zeus.


A – Box

This can be a one-and-done position, but if you have a good aim you can ace this position. This is a headshot angle as you can see the enemy’s head very easily. You can also drop your own smoke and play around with it to find kills. You can ask for a flash from your teammates and then you can peek with it to surprise your enemies.

Overview of A Site

A site


This can be a powerful position if you set up a crossfire here. If you smoke off the entrance the T’s will have only 1 option to enter the site which is the ramp. You can also play a bait and switch game here. Telling your teammate to giggle peek and then when they come to hunt him you can peek at them and get easy frags. 


This is a good position for an Awper to play around. The player has a very good view of the bomb site. If this angle is smoked off, the player can easily kill the opponent by just spamming it. The bomb deployed area is very less. It is only across the pillar.

Overview of B-Site


This was all you need to know about CSGO Ancient Map

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