CSGO: 5 Mistakes you must avoid

5 mistakes you do in csgo

CSGO: 5 Mistakes you must avoid

hello guys and in this blog, we will tell you 10 mistakes that most players make that will ruin their aim I don’t want to keep you guys waiting so let’s get into it 


Warming up is so important before you head into your games if you don’t spend enough time in aim training or deathmatch before going into comp games your aim will not be as sharp as necessary this is a classic mistake that many people make and over a long period of time without warming up you will clearly see your aim get worse and worse I usually spend at least 30 minutes to an hour in warm-ups before getting comp games.

2. Sensitivity:

 There will be times that your aim is just playing up you aren’t hitting the shots you would normally would and it gets very frustrating some players would decide to completely change their sensitivity either making it far too high or way too low in the short term you may see you get a couple more kills in the games after but when your muscle memory kicks in your aim will be far worse than before resulting in a position where you don’t know what you should do with your sense if you feel like your aim is slowly dropping off feel free to change your crosshair slightly maybe just the color or another small adjustment and this will change you to hyper-focus on your aim due to the slight change it is much more effective and will have no negative outcomes in changing your crosshair instead of your sensitivity dude you are the perfect amount of sensitive okay you’re very warming and touching and you also like to kill yeah don’t change that dude you’re totally fine.

3. Crosshair placement:

 when watching a professional cs go there are many times you see the pros just go for one-tap on enemies due to their amazing crosshair placement and correct movement style it is quite easy to go for one-tap but going for just one tap on enemies is really difficult and requires a lot of discipline when playing as you need to know when to shoot and when to stay silent where it’s much better in a lot of situations to spray down an enemy as there is less chance for a mistake however the best way to ensure hitting your shots in your spray is to learn the spray control of the main weapons that you use there are many workshop maps that i use to constantly check and relearn the spray control of weapons guys practice these maps and go for the kill say it don’t spray it well actually, in this case, say it and spray it.

4. Peeking:

cute peeker why are you always peeking one of the biggest mistakes many players make when playing counter-strike is taking fights too often and too quickly one rule of thumb that i generally stick to is to wait at least four or five seconds after you’ve just fired at an enemy to re-peek after shooting a couple bullets at an enemy if you don’t kill them and have to fall back behind cover it is very bad to constantly repeat as they are completely aware of your position and will be holding your angle where after four or five seconds of holding your position they will have to either move position or check other corners as teammates could easily kill them in the open this will take about four seconds for them to do therefore you can repeat when they’re in motion or checking other angles to ensure to get the kill the worst mistake you can make is constantly taking gunfights against someone especially when they know exactly where you are bro you just shot from behind that bush two seconds ago i know you haven’t moved you peek at me again see what happens when using a gun like an smg or shotgun.

5. Run and Gun:

 it is okay to go for shots while running around as it has quite a good movement accuracy therefore it’s not difficult to get kills while moving but with guns like the AK-47, M4 and AWP going for shots while moving at full speed can be the worst thing to do when running around the map enemies can easily hear your footsteps, therefore, you may be forced into taking gunfights when running with an AK in hand shooting while moving is near impossible and the only way of getting that kill is with pure luck make sure when having an AK, M4 or AWP equipped you are standing still or at least shifting when firing, therefore, you don’t have such a bad weapon inaccuracy and you can get those nice and easy kills and guys if this whole running and gunning thing doesn’t work out.

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