Controller Valorant Agents that you must know…

controller valorant agents

In this blog, you will get to controller valorant agents which are present in the game.

Valorant is a first-person shooter game that is now played professionally all over the world. This game was released on June 2nd, 2020. Many csgo players have switched to valorant because of this game. The total number of players in this game was over a million. Since the game was released after the global coronavirus pandemic. The 5 maps in valorant will be discussed in this blog. Visit to purchase valorant accounts. Buy your valorant accounts from getacsgosmurf

Here is the list of Controller Valorant Agents:


Brimstone is a versatile commander who damages enemies and buffs teammates with explosive bombs, smokescreen bombings, and rapid-fire-inducing stim beacons. His incredible Orbital Strike ultimately summons a massive laser that annihilates anyone who doesn’t get out of the way quickly enough.

Stim Beacon

Assemble a Stim Beacon. Toss the stim beacon in front of Brimstone with fire. The stim beacon can build a field that grants players RapidFire as they land. RapidFire accelerates the rate of fire, reloading, firearm swapping, and recoil recovery by 15%.


Equip a grenade launcher for an incendiary grenade. Fire to unleash a grenade that explodes before it lands on the ground, leaving a lingering fire zone that hurts players.

Sky Smoke

Equip yourself with a situational guide. Set fire to the areas where Brimstone’s smoke clouds will fall. To validate, use Alternate Fire, which will create long-lasting smoke clouds that will obscure visibility in the chosen region.

Orbital Strike

Equip yourself with a situational guide. Fire to send a residual orbital strike laser to the chosen spot, doing heavy damage to players in the field over time. This was the 1st controller valorant agent.


Astra is a vivacious and upbeat agent who doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing herself. When it comes to presenting herself, she is pretty direct, and casual banter is certainly her go-to mode.

Gravity Well

Arrange the Stars in Astral Form 

Shape A GRAVITY WELL BY ACTIVATING A STAR. Before the area explodes, all players trapped inside are pushed into the middle, leaving all players trapped inside helpless.

Nova Pulse

Arrange the Stars in Astral Form 

TO DETONATE A NOVA PULSE, Trigger A STAR. The Nova Pulse charges momentarily before striking, knocking out all players in its vicinity.


Arrange the Stars in Astral Form 


USE (F) a Star to Dissipate it, and restore it to its original position after a pause.

Until returning, Dissipate creates a false Nebula at the Star’s position.

Astral Form

ACTIVATE to reach Astral Form, where you can use PRIMARY FIRE to position Stars. Stars may be reactivated at a later time to become Nova Pulses, Nebula, or Gravity Well.

Cosmic Divide

Astral the stars 


USE (F) a Star to Dissipate it, then reposition it after a pause.

Before returning to its original site, Dissipate creates a fictitious Nebula. This was the 2nd controller valorant agent.

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Omen, a man with enigmatic heritage, is intent on obstructing his opponents’ eyes with items such as an orb that causes nearsightedness of those in his sights and another that flares, obscuring the vision of those around. He can even teleport for a short distance or use his ultimate to teleport as a shadow somewhere on the chart.

Shrouded Step

View the range indicator for the shadow walk capacity. Start a brief channel with fire, then teleport to the marked spot. A sound cue can be heard by enemies at the starting spot.


Shoot a shadow projectile out, temporarily reducing the visual range of any players it comes into contact with. This projectile has the ability to move through solid objects.

Dark Cover

In his phaser universe, equip a shadow orb and see the range indicator. To return to the real world, reload the page. Equip the shadow orb once more to toss it to the designated spot, producing a long-lasting shadow bubble that prevents vision. To drive the marker farther forward, hold Fire while aiming. To bring the marker closer, hold the Alternate Fire skill key when shooting.

From the Shadows

Equip yourself with a situational guide. To begin teleporting to the chosen location, fire. Omen can appear as a Shade when teleporting and can be killed by an opponent to cancel his teleport. This was the 3rd controller valorant agent.


Viper is a poisonous and chemical weapons-wielding hunter. She has acid-spilling bullets, a poison gas emitter, and a poisonous gas shield to block passage. Her ultimate creates a poisonous cloud that obscures her location and will draw attention to rivals that enter it.

Snake Bite

Equip yourself with a chemical launcher. Fire to fire a canister that shatters on impact, leaving a remaining chemical zone that damages enemies while still applying Vulnerable, which doubles incoming damage. When you leave the region of impact, you become vulnerable for 2 seconds.

Poison Cloud

Assemble a gas emitter. Fire to launch the emitter, which will remain stationary during the round. Repurpose the potential to build a poisonous gas cloud for the sake of saving money on diesel. This skill can be reused and picked up to be redeployed several times. When Poison Orb is deactivated, it goes on a 6-second cooldown.

Toxic Screen

Equip yourself with a gas emitter launcher. To deploy a long line of gas emitters, use fire. Repurpose the capability of erecting a high wall of poisonous gas at a low cost of electricity. This power can be used several times. Toxic substances Over the course of its length, the screen burns through walls, putting emitters in all valid positions (e.g., the ground).

Viper’s pit

Equip yourself with a gas sprayer. Toss a chemical fog in all directions around Viper, forming a wide cloud that limits players’ vision range and the full health of enemies within it. To spread the cloud quickly, hold the capacity key. If Viper returns every 15 seconds to refuel it or stays inside, it can last indefinitely. This was the 4th controller valorant agent.


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