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No More Bots in CSGO

No more csgo Bots

Bots in competitive games are no more. Previously, when a teammate disconnected, left (or was kicked), they were replaced with a bot of limited ability and selective hearing. You’d usually tell them to HOLD THIS POSITION at the start of the round and to hope they’d do as they were told instead of rushing off to almost […]

How Operation Broken Fang Saved CSGO…

csgo broken fang

How Operation Broken Fang Saved CSGO Over the last couple of years, counter-strike has always had its own culture but not a cringe-inducing existential pain like other games. what makes counter-strike special beyond the gameplay is that it’s the community who is running things valve is just along for the ride and to make millions […]

CSGO: 5 Mistakes you must avoid

5 mistakes you do in csgo

CSGO: 5 Mistakes you must avoid hello guys and in this blog, we will tell you 10 mistakes that most players make that will ruin their aim I don’t want to keep you guys waiting so let’s get into it  1.Warm-up: Warming up is so important before you head into your games if you don’t […]

Different Types Of CSGO Peeks

csgo peeks

In this blog, we are going to talk about different types of csgo peeks. You might have played csgo for a long time, but did you know that there are different types of peeking included in the game. For the newer players we get that csgo can be a pretty difficult game to get into […]

The Most Popular Map in CSGO

csgo most played map

The Most Popular Map in CSGO?   It is Dust_2. Wait, the blog is not over yet. To read the full twist behind this question read the content below. CSGO Competitive Maps The answer is dust 2 well if you consider the current time that I was writing this blog which was on Friday at […]

CSGO Official Retake Servers

csgo retake servers

CSGO Official Retake Servers As we all know csgo has a huge community and has a player base from all around the world. According to the live stats, there are more than 1 million players playing CSGO. Famous sportspersons from different expertise fields also enjoy playing csgo like Neymar Jr. a famous football player.   […]

CSGO: The Most Played Game on Steam

csgo: The most played game

CSGO the most played game? From the title itself, you come to know the answer to your question. This question comes in the top 10 list of most asked questions. CSGO is a game that is famous across the entire globe. This game has a huge fanbase that if someday this game was removed from […]

CSGO Trusted Mode

csgo trusted mode

What is csgo trusted mode? The simple answer to this question is Valve is tired of dealing with cheaters in-game as they have top-notch cheats and they bypass the VAC. But CSGO had a new update on 8th July 2020 which introduced us to a new “trusted mode” update. The role of this was to […]