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CSGO: The Most Played Game on Steam

csgo: The most played game

CSGO the most played game? From the title itself, you come to know the answer to your question. This question comes in the top 10 list of most asked questions. CSGO is a game that is famous across the entire globe. This game has a huge fanbase that if someday this game was removed from […]

CSGO Trusted Mode

csgo trusted mode

What is csgo trusted mode? The simple answer to this question is Valve is tired of dealing with cheaters in-game as they have top-notch cheats and they bypass the VAC. But CSGO had a new update on 8th July 2020 which introduced us to a new “trusted mode” update. The role of this was to […]


csgo launch options 2020

CSGO LAUNCH OPTIONS 2020   Counter Strike Global Offensive is a game that can be played perfectly on the default settings. But you can customize your CSGO with a variety of launch options. Launch options are the commands which you can use to run your game smoothly. The main benefit of using a set of […]