5 Useful Csgo Commands for smooth gaming experience

5 Useful Csgo Commands

In the blog, you will get to know the 5 Useful Csgo Commands you need for your csgo to run better and fast.

Csgo is an fps (first-person shooter) game. counter strike global offensive was developed in the late ’90s. From the starting versions of the game till now they have a developers option also known as console box. In this, we can type various cs go commands to improve the quality of the game as per your need. I have mentioned some console commands below. Make sure you use these console commands to boost your game performance, game characters, game view, and game interface.


To enable this feature go to your Settings -> Game -> Enable developer console -> Yes


Here are 5 Useful Csgo Commands you need for csgo account matchmaking.


  • voice_sacle (value) ranges from 0-1

This command is used to adjust your teammate’s mic’s volume. I prefer you to keep it 0.3 because you can hear your teammates very well and you can also hear the enemy’s footsteps.


  • cl_autowepswitch 0

This is a very useful command as it does not give you the weapon picked. Sometimes it may happen while killing an enemy you accidentally pick a weapon and the enemy kills you. I suggest you off this command. If you want to pick it up, automatically set it to 1.


  • net_graph 3

When you enable this command you can see your in-game fps, server tick rate, variance, ping, and loss. This feature helps you while playing because you get to know whether your ping is high or you are getting losses while playing.


  • bind “E” “+use; r_cleardecals”

Clear decals help to clear all the bloodstains, bullet holes, and dead bodies. You need to bind this command. If you don’t bind it you need to type the command again and again in the console.


  • fps_max 0

A lot of players use this command. Enabling this feature helps you to get the highest fps in the game. According to your system and your CPU specs, it will work. These was the last commands among 5 Useful Csgo Commands.

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These are the 5 Useful Csgo Commands you must try. You can also set up your config file in the game. You don’t need to type your csgo console commands every time you access your csgo smurf account. You can make a copy of the file in your folder in case you want your default settings. You can experiment with the practice commands in the settings menu. You can also set up launch options in the config files which can also be edited in your game settings. These are the personalization options you can always edit. If you want to bind your grenade throws, pop flashes then you can save the bind in your set launch options.


If you want to set up a custom server for practicing your smoke grenade, spray control, mouse settings, or grenade practice then you can create an offline server with bot. In your main menu click on play then click on Official Matchmaking, you will get a dropdown menu. Select practice with bots, it is just like matchmaking servers but with bots. You can money command, get infinite ammo, you can also see bullet impacts and bullet holes or kick your enemy team, and also practice grenade. To open your console use your tilde key or tilde button.


If you want to change your general settings like adjusting your mouse sensitivity or lowering the music volume. You can quickly pull out your he grenade using 4 numbers on your keyboard and by pressing 6 you will pull out your flash grenade or flash grenades. to pull out your molotov cocktail press the 0 button.

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