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What are CSGO Smurf Accounts?

The answer to this question is high-rank players are tired of playing with highly skill grouped matchmaking. To make themselves feel better or refresh themselves, they buy a low-rank csgo ranked accounts (mostly silver ranked). While playing on their csgo smurf account, they can troll other players and make fun of them as you have a good gaming experience. You haven’t enjoyed csgo if you haven’t smurfed from a smurf account. It is super fun to knife, tase, and rekt those silver players. Silver is the lowest rank in CSGO competitive matchmaking and gold nova is the second category in the csgo ranking.

The csgo smurf accounts owner knows every pop flash and smoke line-ups. He can do the optimum utility usage. So, it’s easy for him to win a competitive game. Smurfing also helps the low-rank players like gold nova to learn. Those low-rank players can watch his gameplay and Gamesense, which will help them to get out of their current rank and improve in Counter Strike Global Offensive. The player who is smurfing is usually known as THE CARRY. Do you want to be THE CARRY of your team? Buy your csgo smurf accounts from GETACSGOSMURF and have fun as we also have csgo account for sale.

Why should you buy from GETACSGOSMURF?

Everyone in the market is bragging about their sites by saying, “They are the legit ones.” But no one says that they provide the legit accounts. We are saying this because we share every necessary detail of your csgo smurf account. We, also provide you with the original email id(first email) and clean VAC status accounts. We assure you that you won’t face any problem after purchasing your favorite cheap csgo account, or csgo ranked account.


Prime upgrade helps you with better matchmaking. Players with csgo Prime accounts are matched with other Prime players and are eligible to receive Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases. A player can get his Prime status by completing his Private Rank (PR) with level 21. After reaching the PR 21 level, your Prime Status will be automatically unlocked. You can also buy Csgo Prime account without completing PR level 21 from the steam store, but in the Steam market, the price is high, so that brings you to GETACSGOSMURF. 

csgo ranked account


As CSGO is free to play a game after creating a steam account, you will get a Nonprime accounts csgo. You will not be queued up with your cs go prime account friends. Your matchmaking experience will matter. Hackers are nearly everywhere in nonprime matchmaking. If you want to test your cheats, then we provide Nonprime accounts csgo for sale too. We also offer Private Rank (PR) 2 matchmaking ready cs go account. Creating an account and unlocking PR 2 is indeed a waste of time. You can directly buy cheap csgo accounts.

What type of account do most of our customers buy?

This is a difficult question to answer. We have our customers from all over the world. Smurfs players purchase mostly csgo smurfs account and csgo legendary eagle accounts. This smurf accounts for csgo silver accounts. Because achieving global elite rank is difficult, some of our clients purchase global elite accounts.

Talking about csgo smurf accounts, then those are purchased by experienced players. These customers buy csgo prime account because they want to have their main csgo id with lots of medals.

Customers on a tight budget are more likely to purchase cheap CS:GO accounts and ranks. They are level 2 cs go accounts or nonprime cs:go accounts.

Coming to csgo veteran coin accounts, these consist of 5 & 10-year coins. Who doesn’t want these accounts? Everyone does! These are rare csgo ranked account for sale and valuable ones.


This function may be found at the bottom right corner of your screen. The 24×7 support allows the customer to ask his/her queries. The query can be anything related to csgo. We have a very user-friendly staff to solve your queries. If you have any questions about purchasing a global elite or nonprime account, please contact us. Are you stuck on a particular step while checking out? You have your rights reserved for asking questions or queries regarding your csgo ranked accounts. Just leave us a message and kaboom your query is solved.

Is CSGO a team-based game?

The answer to this most complicated question is yes. You can’t win without the help of your teammates. You may think that “I  have a great game sense and a perfect aim.” You will not always be able to win a 1v5 or 1v4 battle using these two factors. Without your team’s cooperation, you won’t be able to carry out the bombsite execution or flash your adversary. No matter how skilled you are at single play, you will not be able to win every round.. Unless you’re a hacker, using wallhacks, or using aim help. So, if you want to play with some known teammates. Join Getacsgosmurf discord server to chill with your friends.

How do I know whether I have Prime Account? 

Prime status is enabled when you purchase a counter strike global offensive status upgrade or complete the PR to level twenty-one (PR21). Double click on the csgo icon and the game will start. Click on the play button then you will see official matchmaking. To the right, you will see your Prime status. If you have a Prime account then the color will be green and it will show prime enabled. If you don’t have prime then the prime status will be yellow in color and it will be displayed as prime disabled

When you search csgo in the steam market you will see that it is free to play a game. The two options for purchasing the prime status are mentioned below:

  • Purchase for myself. 
  • Purchase as a gift.

When you launch your game you will get to know whether you have a prime account or not. At the top of the play menu you can see the prime status of your account.

Rankings in CSGO

There are a total of 18 ranks or skill level in csgo. Each rank comes under a category like gaming accounts or account types. They are Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle and Global Elite Accounts.

If you want contact number as an authenticator for your steam account, then we provide one time steam phone numbers too. We have the most secure payment gateway method installed on our site. You don’t need to worry about anything while purchasing your high trust factor account. Our customer service is very helpful as we have kept experienced team support for you. We have instant delivery on some products so you will receive your account details instantly.

Review section

We have a review section just for our customers. We care about our customer’s feedback. Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Your feedback motivates us to do something innovative. We work hard to satisfy the needs of our customers. You can drop your reviews after purchasing your favorite cs go accounts, cs:go accounts, buy csgo ranked, smurf ranked, service medals accounts or accounts prime.

Best site, I have ever shopped on. They have a vast variety of buy cs:go accounts, and I got my account details instantly. They really have great customer support. I had a query regarding changing my csgo ranked accounts for sale details, they helped me on their 24 x 7 customer support.

John Smith

United kingdom

I will rate this site a full 10-star rating because their 24/7 support is super friendly. I am new to csgo and I didn’t know which account should I buy, they gave me information about all types of cs go accounts. They really are very helpful. Cheers to you!!! I am your very satisfied customer.

Jessica Golden


I really like the design of your site. They have categorized their products. They also have account for sale. Make sure you buy cs go accounts from this site.

Carl Schenger


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Will i get a market Enabled Account?

It totally depends on, which account you are purchasing. If the account is a basic ranked account or private rank 2 account or lieutenant level 21 then the account won’t be market enabled. If the accounts consists of service medals and loyalty badge then too it might not be market enabled. To make it market enabled the account holder must add minimum of 5$ in his/her game account. You will unlock your gaming needs by making it market enabled.

What account details will I receive on my Email?

Whether you purchase cheapest account in csgo or high tier account you will get the account details to your registered email. It will consist of steam username, steam password, Email id and Email password.

Where to buy csgo accounts?

When it comes to trust and loyalty, you can be 100% sure on us. We provide legit csgo accounts and csgo prime accounts with their first email. If you have any query regarding your account or if you face any problem then we are there to handle your query.

How to increase csgo trust factor?

Trust factor in csgo comes with three types : red, yellow and green. Red trust factor is the worst one, where you will be queued with hackers or cheaters. Yellow trust factor comes with moderate amount of players, some might be legit and some might be cheaters. The best of all is green, you can’t be fully sure, sometimes there can be hackers in green trust factor too. But mostly you will be queued with legit players.

How will i know about my trust factor?

If you are a solo player or solo queuing, then you can’t find it out. You need Atleast one friend or a random player in your lobby to find it out. When you search for a match making at that time if your trust low is low, then it will appear. Generally only yellow and red trust factor message is shown in lobby. If you have green trust factor then it won’t display anything. The same process can be done vice versa.

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